Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tooting My Own Horn (Lighting My Own Lamp?)

Spring semester of this year I served as a teaching assistant for a class called "Professional Practice." For my first trick, I learned the names of about fifty students within a week. I'm pretty sure the professor never did learn them all (but then again, he didn't have to, because I already had). I also graded papers, answered questions, maintained the class web page (someone else did the basic creation), tracked grades, and served as something of a go-between for the professor and the students (who did not always understand each other).

Apparently my efforts were appreciated. At the end of the semester the students voted me the Best TA in the ID department and awarded me a golden light bulb trophy. It's not a very big department, so I can't be too arrogant about this, but still, I'm honored and pleased.

Unfortunately, I was not able to accept the award in person as our graduate presentations were only in their fifth hour and still had an hour to go. This was also hour thirty-five of my forty hour day which, I suspect, strongly contributed to my failure to post about this in a more timely fashion.

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Cassie said...

Congratulations, Rob!