Thursday, April 01, 2010


Sarah and I are getting married shortly. Our good friends Meredith and Brantley, who have kindly consented to oversee the wedding ceremony, are eventually going to ask Sarah and myself a few questions. The version directed to me will likely follow the lines of "Rob, will you have Sarah to be your wife?" I am expected to answer. More specifically, I am expected to answer "I will." I'll probably do that. Below, however, in honor of today's holiday, are a few alternative responses I have been considering:

1. I guess, sure whatever
2. Wow, that's a tough question!
3. Do you need an answer now? Can I think about this?
4. Wait, what?
5. Reply hazy, ask again later
6. I'm sorry, I wasn't listening, can you repeat that?
7. Depends. What's in it for me?
8. Keen! Yeah, wow, that sounds like an excellent idea! Let's do that!
9. Smile you're on Candid Camera! (for those of you in the younger generation, your equivalent would be: "You just got Punk'd!")
10. Wait, did you say Sarah?

In the interests of surviving the evening, I think I'll stick to the more traditional script...